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Marcel Staub
Bottmingerstrasse 102 - 4102 Binningen
Mobile: 079 356 13 87


Sportanlage Landauer
Landauerstrasse 45, 4058 Basel

(Training schedule: please contact the section leader)



Boccia is a ball throw sport played with balls of synthetic material. Each ball has approximately a diameter of 10 cm and scarcely one kilogram weight. The aim of this sport, particularly popular in Italy, is, just like in french Boule, to bring the ball by rolling or throwing so close to the Pallino as possible. Two teams play against each other. The team that first reaches the maximum of 12 points is the winner.

At weekends we participate during the season in the boccia tournaments in Basel or outside the city as well.
Amongst our 'Palmarès' we can mention some victories at tournaments and Swiss championships.


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