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Walter Heinzelmann
Tel.: 061 311 23 13

Robert Stoll
Tel.: 061 401 49 91


Fun Park Bowling AG
Leimgrubenweg 9, 4053 Basel (Dreispitz)

Whole year
Monday 18:00-19:30
(except school holidays)


Bowling is a sport for old and young. The aim of the game is to knock over all ten pins by rolling the bowling ball only once. If that's not the case the first time, the player can try to knock over the remaining pins with a second throw. That is also not always the case. Between the foul-line (which should not be trespassed) and the pin deck there are around 20 meters. By training the necessary technique can be exercised.

A bowling season begins in September and finishes in April or May. During this period it will be competed in a team championship (4-er teams), a cup (4-er teams), a double and a single tournament. At the end of the season, there are also the Basler companies' sports days with a team and a double tournament.
The Cup Final followed by a dinner and the awards ceremony for the entire season takes place in early June and marks the end of a season.
We have several teams divided in categories depending on their strength, so that they can compete against opponents in a similar category.
In a cup the opponents will be drawn by a lot. Here it is quite possible that a top level team meets an opponent of a lower level. This competition will be carried out with the handicap formula. The top level teams with fewer handicap must compensate the difference with a better performance. Therefore it is not unusual that top level teams are eliminated by opponents of a lower category.

In addition, we organize annualy a club mastership tournament, whose winner may officiate one year long as section master. This tournament is followed by an informal event. Usually on a Saturday in early June after the season is over and before the summer holidays.
In September we make normally on a Saturday an excursion.

We are pleased again and again about new members. We invite you - completely without obligation - to have a first glimpse in a training.


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