Otto Rüedi
Hohlweg 1 - 4125 Riehen
Tel.: 061 641 20 65

Weiss Beat
Hammerstr. 40 - 4058 Basel
Tel.: 061 681 72 30
Tel.: 079 474 81 56


Kegelcenter Bläsi
Amerbachstrasse 72, 4057 Basel
Monday 19:00 to 22:00


Basler championships in four categories will be organized from October until the end of May. There is also a cup competition, so that the different categories can play against each other. We participate in single and team championships in other cantons. Throughout the whole year it will be trained in a pleasant atmosphere.

The nice at ninepins is that women and men can play it in the sunset years also.

All interested are cordially welcome. Since the lanes are sometimes occupied by championships, please contact us in advance.