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Thanks for your interest in the Novartis Cricket club (NCC).

For starters, Cricket is a commonly played sport that originated in the UK and is now played and enjoyed by millions of people in the Commonwealth countries – and in those countries, it is far more popular than soccer/football!

Every year, our cricketing season begins in April (or earlier if weather permits) and closes around end of August.

During the cricketing season, we train every Wednesday from 6pm onwards in a dedicated training space (with nets) in the sports club (Sport Anlage) in Bachgraben (Allschwil).

NCC plays home and away matches with other cricket clubs from all over Switzerland. Matches are played during weekends. Our home ground is also located in Bachgraben (Allschwil).

To find out more, please contact

The Novartis cricket team is seeking Bowlers, Batsmen, Wicket-keepers, Scorers, Umpires and enthusiastic fans to help get NCC off to a good start.

NCC looks forward to a huge response from cricket-lovers.



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